Analysis Of To Kill A Mocking Bird By Harper Lee

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The novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird, is an iconic piece of American Literature. It is widely known across America and the world as a coming of age novel. The novel was written by Harper Lee and takes place in Maycomb, Alabama a small southern town during the great depression. The story is narrated through the eye's of Jean Louise Finch or as she likes to be called, Scout. Scout is the main character, and is made out to be a tomboy. She lives with her father Atticus, who is a Lawyer, and her brother Jem. The story revolves around the trial of Tom Robinson and a mysterious man no one truly knows. It also chronicles the adventures and problems faced by Scout and Jem and their neighborhood friend Dill. Harper Lee did a wonderful job at placing humor throughout the story in the right places. Little bit’s and pieces are used to lighten the mood of events that are transpiring. Humor placed in the right spot helps make the story more realistic and fun to read. Humor can be found anywhere you just have to look, even in the worst of times. Their are countless forms of Humor placed throughout the story, but I am narrowing it down to my favorite three that I felt truly showed Lee’s sense of humor. The time Jem lost his pants while sneaking around trying to catch a peak of Boo, the time Scout is playing with her BB gun, and even when the kids used a old tire to roll down the hill. These three instances help make more serious events laughable and memorable for the readers.
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