Analysis Of To Pip A Butterfly By Kendrick Lamar

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The album To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar was released on March 15 2015. The entire album carries a theme of racial struggle, discrimination that the African American community faces in the modern American Culture. While listening to the album you can feel the political charge lyrics that strive during an era of African American activism and with ideal to change the social context for their community. Though all the tracks in this album contain rhetoric about the black oppression and the institutionalized boundaries set by their oppressors three stand out, Wesley’s theory, King Kunta and The Blacker the Berry, have the strongest lyrics that deal with the themes that relate to the struggles of the African American community.
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Kunta was a fictional slave that had his foot cut off to stop him from running from his master and slavery (Eastaugh). Kendrick uses the title King Kunta to juxtapose the positions he feels that he lives. On one hand, he is a dominant rapper and in a dominant position, but on the other side he is still trapped and bound by the only fact that he is a black man. He essentially is depiction a wealthy black man who made it. This is also a narrative for the rise of power that an African American can expect. He starts from almost noting a slave to the system and if he continues to try and escape the life he lives he will either be cut off at the foot and made to stay in oppression or he will be one of the lucky few that got to escape and become a hero and an image that his people want to…show more content…
Throughout the album, it tells the story of Kendrick’s life , also the life of a typical African-American who wants to escape the system, and of his rise to stardom and the boundaries he faced within his rise. It depicts two separate parties the white and the black and the racial ideology that is in both parties. In this I think both parties can be disadvantaged to this album. The obvious party is the white man and its culture. They are made out to be out to stop progress or to control the black man. He does it by either drowning them in riches and has the ability to drop them at a moment’s notice if they mess up. Then on the other hand the black man is at a disadvantage with this coming out. The album delves into the hypocrisy that faces their culture and how they will not come together to help to make progress for themselves but would rather infight and drive a knife in between them. This album opens the black society up and shows true struggles they face. It seems to be an introspective piece that shows not only where the artist, Kendrick Lamar, has been and came from but, also where the African-American in American society has been and come from. This album is all about the social inequality that the black community has lived through since their arrival in the United States. It shows that even if they do make it to the point of prosperity they are still

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