Analysis Of Toby Collins 's ' The Flies '

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There are many things in life that I firmly believe in, such as treating others with empathy and compassion, equal rights and opportunity, and that Toby Collins will some day take over the world. I even believe in things that the majority of people do not, like that cats are superior to dogs, that coffee is, in fact, the literal nectar of the gods, and that math is fun. Those beliefs, however, are seldom challenged, but there are two things I believe in which are constantly not only being challenged, but are being silenced, and are even being coerced into silencing themselves. Those things are women and young people, with the main target being the middle of the Venn diagram, where young women lie. Young women are a demographic I wholeheartedly believe in, but devastatingly, there are an astounding number of us who don’t believe in ourselves. Seven in ten girls aged 8-17 believe they are not good enough, or that they do not measure up in some way. This low self-esteem has been linked to low academic performance, underdeveloped social skills, participating in high risk behavior, among a slew of other negative consequences. When young women have low self-esteem, they usually hold back their ideas, but this problem can be made exponentially worse when we try to find confirmation in a partner, because often times, young women will pretend to be less intelligent than they are in order to attract someone. Sadly, this is not your typical form of doing random silly things, like

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