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Malcolm X was an influential leader throughout the 60s and 70s who impacted history through his beliefs, personal changes, and his choices. In his autobiography, told by Alex Haley, the reader can explore his life. Alex Haley did many extensive interviews with Malcolm to write his autobiography. Malcolm X, who was born Malcolm Little, was an African American who had an adolescence full of turmoil. His family was attacked frequently by white people, which influenced Malcolm to have the same views throughout his own life. Malcolm began to get involved in the wrong things as a teenager and ended up in jail. While imprisoned, Malcolm started to believe in the Islamic religion. He started with the views of white people are all awful, and then changed into viewing most whites as equal. His autobiography helps the reader understand why Malcolm was the way that he was. Also, the autobiography shows how Malcolm influenced history forever. Through his beliefs, personal changes in views, and his choices, he left a lasting impact on the Civil Rights Movement, African American history, and the history of the United States. Body of Research Malcolm Little was born in Omaha, Nebraska on May 19th, 1925 to Reverend Earl and Louise Little. His family also included seven siblings, along with three step-siblings. Malcolm and his family were African American which brought them trials throughout Malcolm’s early years. The family even moved to Michigan to try to
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