Analysis Of Toni Cade Bambara 's `` The `` Run ``

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In Toni Cade Bambara’s, Raymond’s Run, the most intriguing part is the conflict. Based around young girls, they argue using many different tactics. Body language, flaws and snarking comments are obviously used because With a swift recollection of the attitude your body is radiating and a quick earful of gossip, girls can easily find even a single, lone detail about you that they will twist ever so slightly till it breaks down you outer-layer of confidence. The moment they see the slightest change in your behaviour, their brain gives them a clap on the back for the ability to break off the tiniest piece of your confidence so they can add it to their collection. girls are known users of mentally-destroying tools. While most readers would…show more content…
They have manifested a particular way to smile without actually smiling. A tight-lipped stretch from ear to ear, a cracked paper mache version of the real thing. This hatred-ridden mask of pure despise that can tear through your flesh right to your delicate emotions, if you are willing to let your soul be monitored by the beholder. Gretchen easily hides behind this persona, using her seemingly innocent trick/smile to swarm your brain with cowardly thoughts as if she, herself, is the mastermind behind mind-control. Hazel wonders if a smile from girls these days is even possible. If they have hoarded so much disgust for their own selves that even the simple task of a true, genuine smile will somehow make their bodies turn to stone and crumble, exposing all of their self-hatred. Continuing with similarities, both parties bring up flaws in another person 's life that at the moment are unchangeable. When Gretchen’s posse realizes that Hazel is more prepared than they imagined, they jump onto the fact that Hazel’s family is different. Raymond, Hazel’s disabled brother, basically has a bullseye on him at all time. Anyone can easily snipe him with physical and emotional abuse. By either taking his allowance or calling him names, no one backs down from targeting Raymond. That’s exactly what happens with Mary-Louise and Rosie. With absolutely no surprise,

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