Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's ' Beloved '

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Mr. Williams
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Book by: Toni Morrison
Book Titled: Beloved

Beloved is about a lady they call Sethe who lives in Bluestone with her daughter Denver and her mother in law Baby Suggs. Fifteen years before the story starts, Sethe kills her baby because she was trying to keep her kids from being brought into slavery. The community knew about her killing her baby and judges her. Her sons Buglar and Howard left fifth teen years before the book started.
After Baby Sugg 's died, Denver and Sethe are alone in the house with the ghost of the baby who died. Furniture and people move around because of the ghost. Paul D who knows Sethe from their slavery days, came to Bluesone. Sethe welcomed him in the house and they started became a couple. Denver does not like the ghost but the later disappeared. Denver and Sethe where very happy about that.
Then, a woman shows up at the house. Denver was scared. Her name was Beloved. That is the name of the baby. Sethe let her stay. Paul D want sthe girl to leave but his opinion didn’t matter.
Beloved wants everything Sethe Has so she has sex with Paul D. Paul D got Beloved pregnant. Then Paul D hears from a friend at work that Sethe killed her baby. He and Sethe argue Paul D leaves. Sethe wasn’t angry, she just put all her attention on Beloved. Then Denver was worried about her mother. Beloved started acting different towards Denver and Sethe. Sethe started spending all her time with Beloved that made her lose her job, money, and food.

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