Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's ' Song Of Solomon '

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Victoria Sirianni Ms. Thompson AP ELA 4 21 July 2015 Song of Solomon Producing the plot with a vivid image and motive allowed Toni Morrison to incorporate numerous literary works to enhance the allusions in the story. These specific allusions gave readers a more accurate understanding of certain aspects of the book. As well as this, readers are capable of searching beyond just the surface of what the words say. The common use of biblical references and myths, as well as other notations, provide a more in-depth and detailed analyzation throughout the entire novel. To start off, Song of Solomon 's title relates to the biblical book of the same name. This emphasizes that the novel addresses more of an old-aged theme. The bible-based book focuses on a conversation between two lovers and Toni 's novel is a celebration of the success of earthly love. Morrison also gives her characters biblical names in order to match them with the well-known figures. These characters not only obtain their original history, but the history that their name carries in the Bible, as well. For example, the biblical character, Hagar, is Sarah’s handmaiden, who bears Sarah’s husband a son and is then banished from his sight. Similar to the previous one mentioned, Morrison’s character is often used by Milkman. He takes advantage of everything she has to offer and uses it for his own selfish benefits. He seems to regret
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