Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's Sula

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Through place and time, there are those who find themselves questioning. For there are choices and risks in every relationship. There are good and evil in each and everyone. In this time it is the 1900s set in Medallion, Ohio. Toni Morrison 's Sula takes readers on a journey through pillars, betrayals and tragedies surrounding two girls; Nel Wright and Sula Peace. The Bottom originated from a master and a slave. After some arduous tasks, the slave was given a piece of land on top of the hills. This is where the black community settle on high up in the hills over the town of Medallion. However, changes began to take place due the beginning makings of a golf course. Shadrack is a resident of the Bottom who fought in WWI and returns a broken man. He lives within the border of the town. Due to his traumatic new life, he creates a new day called National Suicide Day which is celebrated every year on January third since 1920. Before the town were on guard of him and his one day ritual, but now they subconsciously accepts him. Nel and Sula were young and grew up under different conditions. Nel lives with her mother, Helene. Sula grew up in a house full of boarders, such as Eva, Hannah, Pearl, Plum, Tar Baby, the Deweys and a married couple. Despite the differences, they became very close and good friends. After an unfortunate event with Chicken Little, it had become a secret that only the two would know, even when it was unintentional. The two began to grow apart. Later one day,
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