Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's ' Sula ' Essay

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Opposite and Similarity Attract in Sula Most of people find themselves attracted to someone very unlike them, a phenomenon called “opposites attract”. People are usually drawn to those whose personality, characteristics or habits are opposite to them because they are fascinated by the differences and are curious of exploring what they have never experienced before. Throughout history, many writers attempt to explore and investigate the cause of this absorbing human trait by analyzing their characters’ psychological development in their books; so does Toni Morrison. Morrison makes further observations and reflects her ideas of the essence of opposites attract in her novel Sula, where two girls Nel and Sula who are drawn closer to each other because of their differences. The friendship between Nel and Sula becomes more complicated because of their different personalities; however, while they seem to be different and opposite in nature, they are actually more alike in many ways that consolidates their friendship. Nel and Sula seem to be different in many ways because of their opposite background; their living environments affect their growth profoundly by exercising formative influences on their characters. Nel, a girl raised by her conservative mother Helene, is a product of a strict upbringing. Helene is an orderly and proper woman who “enjoyed manipulating her daughter and husband” and “[driving] her daughter’s imagination underground” (Morrison 18). Like mother like
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