Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's The Book And The Conference

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On November 3rd, I attended the conference in the United Nations building which was dedicated to the International decade for people of African descent. The speakers not only spoke about the many problems African-American population in the United States faces today, more importantly, they mentioned in their speeches slavery and slave trade, known as the Middle Passage. People of African descent struggled and still struggle all over the world, fighting for their rights and against racism. Coincidentally, prior to the conference, I 've finished re-reading Toni Morrison Beloved. Morrison,who won the Nobel prize for this book, directly addresses the issue of slavery and slave crossing in her novel; the book and the conference inspired me to write on this topic. Beloved is not only a title of the story, it is also a name, given to one of the main characters by her mother, who also appears to be her killer. Toni Morrison narrates the story of the family that is placed in the magical realism where dead come back to life; Beloved is not only the lost daughter, she also is the embodiment of all the dead victims of slavery, who ask to be remembered. Beloved is the only book for as long as I can remember I had difficulty while reading. It is very dense and complex to understand, because nothing makes sense from the very beginning. I suspect that Toni Morrison challenged not only me, but many readers all over the world. The topics she chose to write about is uncomfortable – both the
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