Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's ' The Dead Family '

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The slave era of the 17th century forced blacks to be in the lower class of the economic scale. This is due to slavery being created for white elites to have black men work for them without pay. Because slaves are not paid and are constantly under systematic oppression, they do not have the opportunity to gain power and oppose black stereotypes. Black males are automatically labeled as inferior since whites control the lives of the black men. Class status dictates the concept of black masculinity as inferior to white, since wealthy men tend to have more power and are providers; while the roles of lowerclassmen are uneducated and lethargic. In 1977 Toni Morrison creates characters of the Dead family in her novel Song of Solomon to explain that the different levels of class status further enhances prejudice and competition between black men. Toni Morrison’s critique on black masculinity is that an equal economic level must be formed between black and white communities to eliminate systematic racism and stereotypes against black men.
By way of contrast, some may argue that economic equity does not get rid of conventional images labeled on black males. People may suggest that economic class is just another social construct in society and without it, there will be no goal for people to achieve. Nobody ever dreams of being poor and living on the street because everyone wants to be financially stable. At the end of the day, people will always want and need money in order to…
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