Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's ' The Dead Family '

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The slave era of the 17th century forced blacks to be in the lower class of the economic scale. This is due to slavery being created for white elites to have black men work for them without pay. Because slaves are not paid and are constantly under systematic oppression, they do not have the opportunity to gain power and oppose black stereotypes. Black males are automatically labeled as inferior since whites control the lives of the black men. Class status dictates the concept of black masculinity as inferior to white, since wealthy men tend to have more power and are providers; while the roles of lowerclassmen are uneducated and lethargic. In 1977 Toni Morrison creates characters of the Dead family in her novel Song of Solomon to explain…show more content…
That amount of money labels a person’s class status, which is necessary to achieve one’s purpose in life. However, Morrison argues that black men are restrained from achieving goals in life due to poor financial structures, which limits them from succeeding. Economic barriers prevent a person from finding their true identity because different opportunities are provided based on a person’s financial status. Also, social norms of economic class gives affluent people the ability to be in authority, which allows them to have the power to look at someone as inferior. In Song of Solomon when Solomon, Macon Jr.’s grandfather escaped enslavement, he flew back to Africa, leaving his wife and twenty-one children behind (Morrison 322). This example of escaping monetary class from white people proves how Solomon does not accept being under enslavement because of his label as a lowerclassmen. As a result, he contradicts white supremacy and presents black individuality. The idea of being on an equal base with economic status abolishes black male stereotypes because everyone would be alike in an equitable economic environment. When monetary barriers are removed, people are recognized as the same in terms of the status in society. Furthermore, Morrison includes the character of Jake, Milkman’s grandfather who was murdered by white people for protecting his own land (Morrison 324). It can be inferred that the reason behind the murder was because the whites felt threatened by a black man
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