Analysis Of Tony Hilfer 's `` Marriage And Divorce ``

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“Marriage and Divorce in America” by Tony Hilfer is an effectively constructed argument. Therefore, it is a good, reliable source. While within an essay there are many claims, Hilfer’s main claim is that marriage and divorce are both a part of American values. This is difficult to understand because it is not an explicitly stated thesis to his writing. However, as every statement comes back to that idea, it is the central claim. Stating that America’s values support both marriage and divorce demonstrates a claim of definition. This type of claim is the most well-suited for his article. Indeed, all support for the claim centers around Hilfer’s definition of American values. Based upon the entirety of his article, ultimately, the most important American trait that influences the actions of people is happiness. Because this is defined, it is easier to understand the support used in the article. Within the essay, Hilfer uses many supports to defend the claim mentioned above. While ethos, pathos, and logos are all utilized as supports, there is a greater focus on ethos and logos, with a more diminutive approach to using an emotional appeal. Based upon his claim, this is the most effective way to argue. To begin, when Hilfer states that after two years, those who have divorced and their children are able to adjust, it stands alone as effective support. But to further the understanding of the audience, Hilfer states that 80% of the children of divorcees are able to adjust to

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