Analysis Of Tony Kushner And Athol Fugard

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Both Tony Kushner and Athol Fugard demonstrate the effects societal standards have on individuality. Kushner’s Angels in America focused on homosexuality and the AIDS crisis during the Reagan Era, whereas Fugard’s “Master Harold”…and the Boys concentrated on the issue of racism taking place during the South African apartheid. Whether striving for a new identity or being limited by one according to societal standards, all of the characters featured in these plays struggle to come to terms with their true self. In this paper, I will explain the effects that stereotypes and labels had on the growth, or lack thereof, of these individuals. A political call to arms for the age of AIDS and homosexuality, Angels in America follows the lives of two very different, but equally troubled couples: Jewish word processor Louis Ironson and his estranged lover, Prior Walter and closeted gay Republican lawyer Joe Pitt and his attention seeking, Valium-addicted wife, Harper. Louis leaves Prior after realizing that he cannot endure the pressure that comes along with being someone’s fulltime caretaker. Meanwhile, Joe grapples with the idea of moving to Washington after receiving a new job offer whilst simultaneously dealing with his wife’s drug addiction and his homosexuality. Within those two pairs, each of the four individuals struggles to come to terms with his or her true identity. As the play progresses, the couples ' lives become increasingly intertwined as they search for ways to

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