Analysis Of Tony Robbins 's On Pain Or Pleasure

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It 's apparent that not every relationship stands the test of time. In hindsight, it is much easier to see why the relationship needed to end, but during the heat of the moment, emotions make it almost impossible to get out of it, even if you are not happy. There is a principle that I heard from Tony Robbins that says every choice you make is based on pain or pleasure. Before you make any choice, you first decide which option will bring you pain or pleasure, and you may the choice that brings you less pain. So, staying in a relationship that is not happy must be the least painful option when faced with leaving or staying. If you want out of an unhappy relationship, you need to make staying in it much more painful than leaving. Anyone who has ended breaking off a relationships knows that the pain was just too much and it was time to leave. If you are unhappy now, and want to speed up the process of ending the relationship, following are some insights that might help you do that. 1. You Are Getting Sicker By The Day If you are not happy, your thoughts and your emotions are not happy. Complaining, sadness, hopelessness, worry, jealousy, hatred, blame, doubt, disappointment, overwhelming, annoyance, and on and on it goes. All of these things contribute to the decline of your happiness and health in a big way. Not only does life start to become much less fun, but physical issues can occur too, such as: Weight gain Heart attack Gastrointestinal issues Memory problems

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