Analysis Of Tony Wagner 's Speech At The Rsa

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There are several scholars in various institutions who are deeply concerned with how education is being delivered in American institutions. As a matter of fact, they consider that the American system of education is broken -even dead. In particular, Tony Wagner last January 2015 released a documentary titled Most Likely to Succeed, in which he explores the question how to better prepare students for the 21 century. He radically asserts that the school’s role of transmitting academic knowledge is obsolete and that in today’s world skills, disposition and motivation matters more than knowledge (Wagner, 2015). Although this might be true, knowledge, skills, and embodied learning experience are not mutually exclusive. Furthermore, when knowledge is combined with a learning experience that is fully integrated, its power is profoundly transformative. On the other hand, Sir Ken Robinson in his speech at The RSA in How to Change Education describes the relevance of changing education from the ground up. He proposes going back to basics, not on the matter of subjects, but to redefining its purpose and revitalizing the connection between educators and students. I believe students are demanding a different approach to education, they feel something is missing and, alas, they are looking for it outside College’s campuses. Pew’s statistics state that students when asked to how do they prepare themselves for the labor force, half of all college graduates say gaining more

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