Analysis Of Tools And Implements That Represent By Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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“Tools and Implements that Represent”
When reflected upon deeply, one may believe that the objects around a person have the ability to represent them, or at the very least, relay some sort of message about them. For instance, although the gulags try to uphold the goal of demoralizing its prisoners and stripping them of their humanity, some individuals are able to save themselves from such a tradition. These individuals are able to do so as they put their desires of sustaining hope and dignity, in the particular items they keep by their side. In Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s novel, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Shukhov’s unaffected nature is represented by several tools and implements. Through the use of various tools and implements,
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Ultimately, because he possesses the quality of working committedly and passionately, Shukhov’s hardworking nature is evident and remains consistent. Moreover, in order to make some extra money for personal use, Shukhov uses his thread and needle to do odd jobs around the gulags. Although he receives “…thirty rubles a month [from his work camp, Ust-Izhma], he continues…making slippers (for two rubles)…or patching up a jacket [naming his price]” (123). Evidently, by doing so, Shukhov shows his willingness to spend his free time working for some more money rather than relieving himself of exhaustion from a day’s work in the gulags. The fact that he instead actively engages in these small tasks portrays both his meticulous assets in terms of the needle and thread, but also his trait of doing as much as humanly possible in order to be self-satisfied. Additionally Shukhov does not solely rely on the money he receives from working in the gulags. This shows his quality of being independent and boundless in the sense that if anything goes wrong, he will still have a financial base to fall back on, even if it is just pocket money. Therefore, by using the trowel, and the needle and thread, Shukhov’s hardworking character trait is well symbolized.
By using the scrap piece of metal, the author is able to represent Shukhov’s resourcefulness, creativity, and overall hopeful attitude. To begin,

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