Analysis Of Torture For Christ By Richard Wurmbrand

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The book Tortured for Christ, by Richard Wurmbrand, details the horrific acts of violence and torture that he and his fellow Romanian Christians endured under the communist regime in their country. After these experiences, Wurmbrand founded the Voice of the Martyrs, which is an organization dedicated to telling the story of persecuted Christians all over the world. This book was written over the course of three days after Wurmbrand was released by the Communists. The book is seven chapters long, and each chapter details the different parts of his life while under the communist rule and his experiences in the West. The first two chapters of the book talks about Wurmbrand’s conversion to Christ, and the hunger for Him that many Russian people…show more content…
Wurmbrand states that when he came to the West, he found a great state of unconcern for those who were persecuted for Christ. I agree to a point; there is indeed a disturbing level of unconcern for the persecuted church. But I firmly believe that this has improved so much since the 1960s when this book was originally penned. During that time, no system existed that allowed Christians to see and readily access the suffering that persecuted Christians endure. The Voice of the Martyrs has much improved this. It is not that the Western Christians of that time did not care, it is the fact that they had no real idea of knowing what was happening during that time. Now that systems are in place from people like Wurmbrand, Western Christians are now able to pray for and help out those who are suffering for their faith in other countries. When Wurmbrand speaks of what he learned in theological seminaries, I believe that he only saw and experienced a few of the teachings. Not every theological seminary is bad. And yes, there are some points that are true in regard to speaking of trifling matters. But that does not take away from the importance of theology. Since the Western church does have the ability to ponder these different questions, I believe they should use that…show more content…
He equates what they suffered to be worse than hell, and quotes a priest as saying they have suffered more than Christ. To date, I have never been physically persecuted for my faith, so maybe I am not qualified to contest these statements. But I believe to say that one has suffered more than Christ suffered is problematic at best. Since the death of Christ, we must realize that we are never truly alone. A Christian is given the Holy Spirit upon conversion, and he guides and directs us as we live our lives. When Jesus died on the cross, he was completely alone. Mark says that the Father turned his face away from Jesus. Jesus asked the Father why he had forsaken him. That is the feeling of being truly alone, and I do not believe that any human who knows the love of Christ can ever be alone. When faced with horrific trials, we must not look to Christ and say “I have suffered more than you”, we must look to Christ and say “I suffer because of you”. This book helped tremendously in developing a lot of skills that I have practiced over the years. When reading this book, I read it with a very critical eye. Reading the book this way helped me to not get caught up in any emotional turmoil that would cause me top read the book from a biased viewpoint. When reading works of any stance, reading with an open mind is very important when

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