Analysis Of ' Totality And Infinity ' By Emmanuel Levinas

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One of the greatest scholars of the twentieth century is Emmanuel Levinas, but the convolution of his thinking prevents his work from spreading quickly. Totality and Infinity, a book on exteriority is one of his articles that have been liked by many readers in the past and recent times. The writer demonstrates the manner in which subjectivity begins from the idea of perpetuity, and how infinite is an outcome of the correlation of self to other. The main purpose of Levinas work is to find out the dominance of the Other based on the epiphany of the face. According to his work, infinite is the beginning or foundation of ethics and, he also declines any ethical intellectualism. Levinas acknowledges the idea that every human being is not naturally ethical but he or she is an aspiration of Others. Therefore, the remaining part of this paper will focus on sexuality, which is one of the themes that the writer encountered Sexual encounter Sex is a powerful act that has the ability to transform an individual’s self experience, change a relationship and also challenge the community in which individuals live (Levinas, 108). Most of the people will go to an extent of paying money in order to have sex or to watch sex related films and pornographic materials. Most of the times sex is seen as a secret activity that is be preserved for the sake of modesty (Levinas, 108). At some point, seeks is also referred to as a self evidence, natural truth of an individuals…
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