Analysis Of Touched By A Nurse

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What makes an excellent nurse? Does any image come to mind? If so what exactly do you see? Nurses are comprised of Hope, Love, Faith and Peace when put together these contributors can change the lives of patients. In the memoir Touched by a Nurse, powerful stories of people are told. Each story has an element of Hope, Love, Faith and Peace. These contributors show how nurses blend beautifully with the patients they help. Thoughtout the memoir, patients are encountered by nurses which help in various ways, such as emotionally, physically, and mentally. The memoir also points out how each nurse is trying his or her best to try to save or treat their patient.

In one of the chapters, under the category of Hope, Kane and Warner (1999)
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In addition, Kane and Warner (1999) mentioned how Marlys Bueber (1993) was the nurse who took care of Pei Jun a 22-year-old Chinese woman. Jun at the age of 13 was raped by her uncle, he caused Jun to experience schizophrenia episodes. Bueber worked on the psychiatric unit, where she encounters Jun Bueber was the only nurse who acknowledged Jun and actually spoke to Jun as an actual person. Bueber showed the characteristic of love, by getting to know her patient and two weeks later Jun was discharged from the hospital. Another story which showed love was Ann Kelly (1991). She was the nurse who personality impacted Eddie and his family. Eddie was a patient who suffered from schizophrenia. Kelly understood Eddies medical wishes when he asked to be taken off the pills and to be put on end of life care. Kelly and Eddies family knew that this decision would kill him, but because they loved him they did not want to see Eddie suffer any longer.

Moreover, in the second to last chapter, Faith gave both nurse and patient the ability to overcome a near death experience. Maria Lasater (1989) was the nurse who gave Sean the immediate care when she found him face down in the pool. The patient being only two was blue in the face and looked almost lifeless. Lasater grabbed the boy from the water and started doing CPR. This nurse when out of her scope of practice because she was not in the hospital and she had no permission
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