Analysis Of ' Town I Grew Up '

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town I grew up in is racist. My town is very segregated. We have train tracks that divide the east side where the majority of blacks live from the rest of the town. One time I had to go accept an award from the police. They were having the award ceremony at the big police station right on the edge of East Side. Although I was going to a police station with almost more than half of the town’s police force, everyone I told, especially my mother, were concerned for me to be over there. My mom would not let me take my nice car either. I thought she was being silly. However, when I got there I thought I understood everyone’s fears for me. Right next to the police station, I saw what seemed like hookers on the street’s corner, and I saw a man pull open the fence corner to get into an apartment complex next door. My friend and I tried to hide everything in my car, and I parked amongst the police cars thinking that would be safest. Only now looking back was I able to see the fault in my own way of thinking. As I reflect back on my life after attending this class, I realize how I did not even think of these things or give them any second thought. Another example of this is my High school. My mother did not want to have to make the decision between one public school, which was known for drugs or the other public school which was known for Mexican and black gang wars. Therefore, I went to one of the private schools. One day at my school, they decided to take an
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