Analysis Of Trail Of The Green Blazer

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Dhirendra Raj Giri
Kendra Chandler
28 October 2017
Plot, Conflict, and Characterization of “Trail of the Green Blazer” The author of green Blazer is R.K Narayan. The story rotates around two primary characters, that are pickpockets who work in the market searching prey, and a man in a green jacket. A short story as a rule incorporates one essential character and another auxiliary character. Narayan has portrayed about an existence and work of an expert pickpocket Raju. He pickpockets in a reasonable of a man wearing a green blazer. Through deliberately perusing and examining the story "Trail of the green blazer" we can find that the author utilized diverse components to portray a mind of a pickpocket. The story introduces the mind of the pickpocket Raju and effects of his movement. This story portrays the literary elements of the plot, Conflict inside yourself, society, and nature, and characterization. The story Green Blazer brings order with building up the presentation and peak of the story. The story has woven plot, the author has woven together every components and character to build up a story. In the story there is just a single peak zone, which demonstrates the falling and ascending of the activities. We can see that the story starts with the outline which incorporates the foundation of Raju, the place they are situated at, his family, his public and not to overlook the foundation of the green overcoat. In story the author demonstrates the

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