Analysis Of Trifles By William Shakespeare

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In the group that I was in our claim was that the role of irony in “Trifles draws attention to specific actions and dialogues among the characters, which groups the women and men into respective groups, each thinking they were an “insider” and the other was an “outsider”. Today, many social interactions such as liking commenting and using emoji’s on Facebook may serve different meanings, which often hints to “inside-joking” where only the “insiders” are privileged with the information to appreciate the joke. The use of Facebook to model the interactions within Trifles is meant to mimic 21st communication, highlighting ironic moments in the play, creating a sense of diaspora amongst both the men and women groups, ultimately hinting to the overall ironic ending exposing the women as the true insiders. My group had a really good claim and supportive evidence to back it up throughout the PowerPoint. Our style was very creative and very humorous. Group 1 decided to do “Midnight in Paris” their claim was that, Midnight in Paris, directed by Woody Allen, effectively challenges the viewer’s notion of insiders and outsiders through the portrayal of the main character, Gil Pender, a Hollywood screenwriter and self-proclaimed “old soul” struggling with a straggling relationship and a lifestyle unfit for his personality. It also successfully demonstrates that insiders and outsiders change throughout time, and in historical context are seen as icons, but in their respective time

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