Analysis Of Trouble With Harry Thhaw And Queer Theory

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The article of my topic is Trouble With Harry Thaw and Queer Theory : Under Construction. Harry Thaw is the son of a William Thaw and Mary Sibbet. Harry was born in Pittsburgh. He was born in February 12th 1871 and died in February 22nd 1947. Thaw had 5 siblings which are Margaret, Alice Cornelia, Edward, and Josiah. Thaw was discovered to have severe mental illness. This could be genetics as his mother herself was known for the abuse she did to her servants and uncontrollable temper. In this article, it is mentioned that he murdered an architect named Stanford White over jealousy because White was having an affair with his wife which is Evelyn Nesbit. However, I would say there is a reason of why Nesbit was not faithful to him. Nesbit wrote a book called “Autobiography Prodigal Days” and mentioned a lot of negative habits about her husband. For instance, she stated in her book that her husband is a sadist. This is because Thaw have sex very roughly in a punishing way and he relates slaves to his wife while they were together. Nesbit mentioned that the sex was more of an attack than actual love. Besides that, Nesbit says that he has cocaine addiction and thinks that his masturbating routine might be one of the causes for his insanity. According to Nesbit, Thaw often wants to feel superior and control around objects that he desires. Other than that, he gets excessively jealous especially when Nesbit is around men. His excessive jealousy is abnormal as he murdered White

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