Analysis Of Truman 's President And The President

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How a U.S. president utilizes communication and develops his skills is often thought of as one of the most important parts of a presidency. Communication not only allows a president to ensure that his ideas are properly heard and interpreted, but it also allows him to gain valuable support from both the public and from other entities within the government. Without proper communication, a president such as Harry S. Truman is likely to find it difficult to accomplish his goals during his time in office. There are many types of communication that are often utilized when a president wishes to do so. Today, these range from giving speeches to using television and internet to spread ideas. However, when Truman took office in 1945 and became the first president to have a speech televised, the most popular ways to communicate were in-person and through newspapers and radio. Though, Truman did at times make use of the television, he more often utilized the same types of communication that his predecessors before him had used – preferring to speak to the public through the radio rather than through the television.
This might have been because television was still a new way to communicate, but it is also possible that Truman simply felt more comfortable communicating through the radio rather than through the television. Truman was not known for being the most charismatic and was further disadvantaged by the fact that he had poor eyesight, thick glasses, and had a Midwestern
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