Analysis Of Truman 's ' The Truman Show '

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The Truman Show is centred on a man-made island called SeaHaven where a man named Truman Burbank has been televised without his knowledge since birth. The show is a 24 hour live tv show where every aspect of Truman’s life is shown. As Truman grows older he begins to notice unsual events that leads him to believe that there is something incongruent with what people are telling him and what he experiences in his day to day life. As Truman begins to test the boundaries he realizes that the town seems to revolve around him and his desire to escape comes to an all time high. Eventually Truman begins on a journey to escape his virtual reality. Despite the boundaries that the director throws at him he eventually escapes and will try to find his way in the real world. This movie made me sympathize for Truman being that he has no privacy and is oblivious to his lack of freedom. This movie shows how it is possible to create an “ideal” community and how New Urbanism can be created and maintained.

New Urbanism essentially promotes an inclusive community that is close in proximity, which the ccreator of the Truman Show creates. There is many positives that comes with New Urbanism most being that all aspects of the city would be in walking distance which results in reduced cars and mixed housing. New Urbanism brings on increased communication and interaction between individuals which is facilitated by a city centre. Mumford writes about how a city is “a theatre of social action” (CR page…
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