Analysis Of Tupac Shakur 's Song, Dear Mama

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The struggles of a single mother is not something everyone will fully understand. In the late 90’s there was huge poverty and gang violence in Los Angeles, California where Tupac grew up. Many of his songs reflect on how his experience was in this environment. In Tupac Shakur’s song, “Dear Mama” found in album, Me Against the World, for a single mother to show love for her child takes a huge struggle, especially when it was a time where gang violence was really high and fathers would leave their children. Throughout the song Tupac uses imagery to capture the feeling of pain and struggle and fluently illustrate the moments where he was young, until he grew up and realized the love his mother gave him. “Dear Mama” is also portrayed as a…show more content…
The song implements on the hardships a mother will face for the growth of their son because love is what keeps them going. The love a mother will have for her son means that even though they don’t have a father figure around to show them how to grow up, they will always have their mothers to teach them the way of life through a woman’s perspective. In the song, “Dear Mama”, Tupac mentions, “For a woman it ain’t easy trying to raise a man, you always was committed” and he is able to foreshadow the hardships his mother had to face while Tupac was growing up without a father. At the age of seventeen Tupac, was always caught up in drama with his mom. Since Tupac was young he got involved into the hustle and was left in the streets where he basically had to risk he life every day. He never realized that being pushed into the streets would make him think about his mother or even worry about her. Tupac reflects upon the behavior he had during the time and how much stress he would add on his mother’s shoulders, but little did he know that his mother would be there for him regardless. Tupac Shakur’s mom was committed to his son and no matter the troubles he caused and faced she would be there for him to either help him out or at least hear him when he was not feeling good. She was a single mother on welfare, but she always tried

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