Analysis Of ' Two American Families '

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The United States of America are a country full of opportunities and subcultures. It is a country with different climates and resources, and it has a lot of jobs to offer. Thousands of people immigrate every year to the United States to get a better job and a higher income. But how does America’s middle class actually live? How good is their life and how does their life and economy develop throughout the years?

“Two American Families” is a Frontline documentary of the economical and sociological development of two middle class families in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over two decades Frontline interviews them and shows how their lives change (Frontline Video, 2013). The following will show a sociological analysis of the white family Neumann, and the black family Stanley.

In 1991 Bill Moyer, the reporter of the frontline documentary, visits the Neumanns and the Stanley for the very first time. Terry and Tony Neumann had known each other since they both two years old. Later they started dating and got married, dreaming of a perfect life. Soon after their wedding they got their first child. At that time, Tony had a well paid factory job and the young couple had another baby. When they got their third child, Tony lost his job, but he found another one. Since this job seemed to be safe, they decided to buy a house and save money.

In the early nineties, a crisis caused loss of many jobs. Also Tony lost the job he really needed at that time. His wife, Terry tried to earn some extra
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