Analysis Of Two Kinds By Amy Tan

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The most charming and testing relationship on the planet is the relationship between the mother and the daughter. There are such a variety of elements required in this relationship. There is a unique and unmistakable connection amongst mothers and daughters. The short story "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan outlines the principle character Jing-mei's childhood and the impacts of her mother’s high expectation for her life. The mother pressures Jing-mei to exceed in America where everything is possible. However, they come into a conflict when her mother becomes determined to make Jing-mei into a child prodigy. The mother forces her daughter to take piano lessons; however, when it comes time for the talent show, she fails unhappily. Her contention with her mother goes unsettled for quite a long time. Thus, Amy Tan illustrates the difficult connection between an immigrant Chinese mother and her American-born girl, Jing-Mei. Therefore, the author represents the protagonist’s evolving relationship with her mother, through symbolism and characterization.
To begin with, the author emphasizes on the special bond between the mother and the daughter, using symbolism. For example, Amy Tan uses the piano lessons to symbolize the struggle between the protagonist and the protagonist’s mother. After watching a show on television called “Ed Sullivan Show”, the mother “traded house cleaning services for weekly lessons and a piano for [her daughter]” (Tan 3). This shows how the mother sacrifices her time

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