Analysis Of Twyla's Mother In Toni Morrison

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Morrison utilizes the physical appearance to portray racial stereotypes among her readers. The physical description of Twyla’s mother represents an ambiguous description of a black woman. The author denotes her beauty and conspicuous behind, portraying her as a black woman, who ordinarily have larger behinds than white women. It is, therefore, possible for a reader to assume that Mary is black, an assumption that could be wrong since she could be a white woman with an equally more rounded bottom (Morrison 1175). The church, a place of worship, where humans are expected to set aside their differences is not spared from the racial stereotypes. The dressing of the girl’s mothers comes into play, Twyla’s mom dresses indecently, while Roberta’s…show more content…
The following plot of the novel introduces Twyla’s in-laws; Morrison informs the reader that the family is big and loud. The family’s description fits an African American family further assuming Twyla’s racial identity as black. The loudness and mal-functioning reflection in modern television shows, portrays that African- American families are depicted as loud, while White families are calm and collected. Also, the ethnic stereotype of the neighborhood she lives in is a lower class neighborhood not an upper-class neighborhood. Both of these stereotypes depict an African American family, hence Twyla’s black race. Furthermore, Twyla and Roberta, meet once more, Twyla implores about her slick dressing, expensive jewelry and her appearance as rich. Besides she is driven around by a big car (Morrison 1180). The description mirrors Roberta both as a white and African-American woman. From a readers stereotypical view, she appears as black showing off her wealth, also, her now slick hair denotes an African-American woman who has treated her hair for easy management. On the contrary, the well-dressed image of a woman being chauffeured around implies a white woman.
From the Jimi Hendrix concert, Roberta lives in Annandale a well-known posh neighborhood after climbing the social ladder through her marriage to a man who works for IBM. Surrounded by people who” think they own the world”

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