Analysis Of Underwater Image For Future Requirement Using

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Analysis of underwater image for future requirement using Wavelet Transform analysis Abstract: Optical information is transmitted in the form of digital images is becoming a large method of communication in the modern age but still the images reach after transmission is often depraved with noises so the received images demand processing before it can be used in application. Our motive is that to eliminate the noise from images that is underwater images also improve the image , underwater images consist of different kinds of noises like random noise, speckle noise, Gaussian noise, salt and pepper noise, Brownian noise etc. Image De-noising is involved manipulation of images data to produce a visually high quality, images processing of improving the quality of images by enhancing its features. The underwater image processing area has accepted appreciable attention within the last decades so using some proper kind of filter it is possible. The filter we will employ is a bilateral filter for smoothing the images. It is required because of a lot researchers like forensic department, argeologiest geologist, and underwater marine lab and underwater inside hydro lab and so on, for their research activity. The underwater images have poor image condition. First it uses some preprocessing methodology which is to be complete before wavelet threshold de-nosing. Then it will use CLAHE method for image enhancement along with wavelet transform then we get some adaptive output and the images

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