Analysis Of Unequal Childhoods By Annette Lareau

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Sarah Martinez Professor Sanchez Senior Seminar May 19, 2016 Critical Analysis Paper Unequal Childhoods is a book based on the study of a variety of families ranging in class, race and family life. The author Annette Lareau objective was to analyze and understand how and if social life impacts the children pertaining to these different classes. Lareau also examines the affect social class has on those interviewed by following up years later in their transitions to adulthood. Regardless of ones race social economic status plays a role in how a child develops and learns the skills they will eventually grow up to use. Lareau argues that race plays almost no role in comparison to social economic class in how children develop and gain the skill set they use as they get older. Lareau emphasis that parents from different classes use different tools and methods in order to raise their children such as concerted cultivation and natural growth. Annette Lareau argues that class influences both educational and work outcomes. The conclusions she made early on in her book had been proven when she went back a decade later. The majority of those interviewed who came from a working class or poor family had either dropped out of high school or graduated, but did not pursue higher learning education. Of those interviewed in these lower classes, a couple did attend college but never completed any course or obtained a degree (Lareau 274). Another interesting find was that the majority of the
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