Analysis Of Utagawa Kuniyoshi's Tatsu Tora

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Tatsu Tora (Dragon and Tiger) Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s Tatsu Tora (woodblock, 37 x 25 cm., c. 1835) is a stunning portrayal of a tiger staring intently into the eyes of a dragon next to a rushing waterfall. Derived from the Edo Period in nineteenth century Japan, this elaborate print symbolizes in and yo; the balance of energies in the Universe. Through Kuniyoshi’s utilization of space, a color palette that consists of both muted and saturated colors, and his creation of implied texture by etching a wide variety of lines, an undeniable sense of balance is established throughout the work of art. Created solely from the imagination of Kuniyoshi, the primary compositional focus of this dynamic print are the forms of the dragon and tiger. Located
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