Analysis Of ' Valeria And Eye ' And ' My Valeria '

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“Valeria and Eye” or “My Valeria” were the two titles under which this memoir was presented. The author, Vincent Clayton, was found deceased on September 14th 1973. The subsequent results of the autopsy examinations have not been released at present. On asking myself to edit the manuscript, my relation, Dr John Terence, based his request on a codicil in his patient’s will, thus, allowing for the calibrating as followed. My task appeared smoother than either had anticipated. Despite the obvious grammatical inaccuracies and suppression of several lewd details, this remarkable memoir I present remains intact. Its author’s enigmatic recollection is his own ingenuity which must remain unmasked in accordance to its wearer’s wish. Yet, I have no desire to glorify Vincent. With no hesitation, he is a glorious example of barbarity and ludicrosy. Note, his giving honesty does not dissolve him from his sin. “Valeria and Eye” no doubt will become a classic cautionary tale within psychoanalyst circles, with this poignant study warning us of the corruptions of humanity. The memoir should urge us to all apply ourselves with stronger attentiveness. Honoured, is an appropriate verb choice to be associated with such mastery. Henry Weiss October 10th 1973 1. Valeria, the blood of my veins, the air of my lungs. My gaiety. My desire. Valerie, she was plain Valerie, from nine a.m. to five p.m. during the day, with her russet tresses sealed back serving coffee. She was Val,

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