Case Study: Vancouver Injection Drug User Study

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Nurses have played a critical role defending Insite 's program and services (Keepnews, 2011)
The Canadian Nurses Association, Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and the Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, all support Insite (Bard, 2011). Nurses are placed in a difficult situation when caring for IDU 's and are given constitutional protection, without which, they would expose themselves and other staff to criminal charges simply for caring for their patients (Bard, 2011). Not only has Insite provided access to community support services such as addiction treatment and mental health programs, it has also been productive reducing the fatalities from overdosing and the spreading infectious diseases (Bard, 2011).
Inmates study Vancouver Injection Drug User Study (VIDUS) is a project that gives a prospective study and has over 1500 IDU 's enlisted to assist since 1996 and gathers data on drug use, health, sexual activity, etc. Some of the topics discussed included: prison culture, availability and price of drugs and equipment, drug use, VIDUS shows that the risk of HIV infection indicated that incarcerated injection drug users were associated with a greater risk of 2.7 times (Small, Kain, Laliberte, Schechter, O 'Shaughnessy & Spittal, 2005). Topics discussed included: life in prison, prison culture, prison economy, the availability and price of drugs, drug use, syringe availability and access to bleach, sexual activity and methadone maintenance
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