Analysis Of Verizon Communications Inc.

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Research, Analysis and Interpretation
Organizations history:
As a technology company, Verizon Communications Inc. has gained national recognition as being the #1 telecommunications network in America. This company has truly flourished, and expanded its services throughout the country, putting them in the lead of the telecommunications industry. Verizon started its true foundation in New York, but became incorporated in Delaware. The company was formed on June 30, 2000 by the merger of Bell Atlantic Corp and GTE Corp; this merge created a change in the telecommunication world, which is now called Verizon. (Cor, Por)
For 15 years and counting, Verizon has grown to be one of the largest communication technology companies, and has continued to advance its service nationwide. In the U.S., Verizon is known as the “ Largest and Most Reliable Network”(Verizon). Verizon has created a brand in which it has expanded over the years. When Verizon first started it expanded by introducing its wireline and wireless service to its consumers. In 2002, Verizon’s revenue was $62 billion, and approximately 68% consumers were wireline customers and wireless were 32%( Verizon Confidential). With the most relevant data from 2013 revenue was $120 billion, 32% was wireline, and 67% wireless (Verizon).
This company shows its growth from a financial standpoint, but also from its consumers, and service as there is a major difference in the percentages for their wireless and wireline…
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