Analysis Of Verizon Communications Inc.

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Research, Analysis and Interpretation
Organizations history:
As a technology company, Verizon Communications Inc. has gained national recognition as being the #1 telecommunications network in America. This company has truly flourished, and expanded its services throughout the country, putting them in the lead of the telecommunications industry. Verizon started its true foundation in New York, but became incorporated in Delaware. The company was formed on June 30, 2000 by the merger of Bell Atlantic Corp and GTE Corp; this merge created a change in the telecommunication world, which is now called Verizon. (Cor, Por)
For 15 years and counting, Verizon has grown to be one of the largest communication technology companies, and has
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Verizon as a company has grown around the several changes that our society also has been going through, but continuously advancing their technology, to be ahead of their competitors. While researching I came across the company’s wind of change diagram, which shows the amount of changes the company has done to grow itself, and continues to expand on its growth, such as having: multiple screens, global accessibility, increased security threats, integrated solutions, fast phone connections, mobility explosion, and expansion of smartphone data consumption (Verizon).
Speaking on growth, I had the honor to interview Kate Jay the public relations manager for the Georgia/ Alabama, about what she has seen within the company 's growth. She says, “ Seeing the company grow and evolve since the 5 years I have been here is tremendous, this company is very fast pace and has been able to keep up with the industry.”
Culture & People:
Verizon is a very fast paced company, however they have a great heart in helping their employees out. When I interviewed my supervisor Kate Jay, I asked her “ How would you describe the people and the culture here at Verizon”? She replied with an answer that left me astonished. She said, “ The credo we cross is to help not run away shows how our employees really care, when the 2011 Alabama tornadoes occurred it impacted the area I grew up in. When that happened all employees jumped in and were eager to make a difference. Verizon culture you touch it you
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