Analysis Of Vicky Cristina Barcelona ( Woody Allen

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Cinema has always been a powerful tool for advertising and promoting cities, destinations, and cultures. In the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Woody Allen, 2008), it invites the viewers to see the city of Barcelona’s culture, lifestyle, and its people. The results show that cinema has the power to build or redirect ones perspective about destinations such as local resources, landscapes, and places. This movie captures the promotion and the film tourist product and the reasons for using the innovation tourist typology. Vicky Cristina Barcelona demonstrates a pamphlet of Barcelona itself. It highlights how the cinema plays a crucial role in portraying Barcelona as a unique or desirable destination. With that being said, this movie enables me to explore the concept of cultural otherness and the effects the movie has on the people, both the audience and the people living in Barcelona.
Vicky Cristina Barcelona examines the Spanish cultural and social heritage. It introduces the Catalan perspectives through various representations of Barcelona. For instance, this movie depicts an added value for certain destinations because it works as a real tool for promotion at an international level and as factor that induces travel. Through the various destination identities in this movie, it played an excellent role in the image construction of tourist destination. The last cinematographic promotional action can be seen in this movie, which intelligently instills ideas of what Barcelona is…

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