Analysis Of Viktor E. Frankl

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Viktor E. Frankl found an interesting way to explore how crucial it is for a prisoner to adapt to his new life. This is the utmost compelling life insight to myself at this point in my own life. Frankl wrote, “When one examines the vast amount of material which has been amassed as the result of many prisoners’ observations and experiences, three phases of the inmate’s mental reactions to camp life become apparent: the period following his admission; the period when he is well entrenched in cap routine; and the period following his release and liberation” (Frankl 8). Furthermore, as days in the concentration camp went on it was typical to hear “Well, another day is over” (Frankl 28). As I read on through the book, I found that his ‘adaption to new routine’ life insight has several supporting and crucial aspects like accepting desire, finding beauty in the potential improvement of the current imperfections, and finding a form of salvation that allows you to master the art of living. All of these properties of adapting to life, directly impact how I view my current observation of what it means to be a part of CMU Honors. Adaptation to hardship comes with desire of the possessions we miss. Accepting that desire is appropriate when recognized and a strong reason why adaptation to life is compelling to me. “Perhaps it can be understood, then, that even the strongest of us was longing for the time when he would have fairly good food again, not for the sake of good food itself,
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