Analysis Of Viktor E. Frankl

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Viktor E. Frankl found a thought-provoking way to explore how crucial it is for a prisoner to adapt to his new life. This is the utmost compelling life insight to myself at this point in my own life. Frankl wrote, “When one examines the vast amount of material which has been amassed as the result of many prisoners’ observations and experiences, three phases of the inmate’s mental reactions to camp life become apparent: the period following his admission; the period when he is well entrenched in camp routine; and the period following his release and liberation” (Frankl 8). As I read on through the book, I found that his ‘adaption to new routine’ life insight has several supporting and crucial aspects like accepting desire, finding beauty in…show more content…
“Then, after minutes of moving silence, one prisoner said to another, ‘How beautiful the world could be!’” (Frankl 40). Viktor Frankl was provided with dreadful treatment and witnessed horrific sights. It would be effortless for Frankl to use his angry energy and focus all thoughts on the negative. Instead, he accepted the current and acknowledged the potential. Accepting the current and acknowledging what could be improved allows one to acclimate and tolerate the change. The fact that he and some of his peers were conscious of what could be possible, rather than focusing and protesting the negative is a crucial part to adapt to life. As an Honors student, I tend to show the type ‘A’ personality traits and typically act as a perfectionist. If I was to receive a lower grade in a class this year, I may be upset with myself. It is customary for myself to dream of the best grade point average, but in order to adapt to the change I ought to be willing to accept the difficult times. Frankl proved that you can take negative incidents and shed a brighter light on them. Rather than telling myself how horrible I did on an assignment, I can tell myself how delighted I would be if I could improve. This process allows one to keep moving forward as they adapt to the change. Moreover, when someone is adapting to life during a difficult time they must have some form of salvation. For Frankl, humor was a form of salvation
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