Analysis Of Virginia Plantation 's ' The Slave Relationship '

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Sinclair Cameron
November 20th 2015 Primary Document Analysis

Document #1 depicts Virginia Plantation life in 1800. Detailed in this painting is the master slave relationship. It shows a white master having power over his African American slave – one female and one male. This painting is called Luxuries which in this depiction shows luxuries related to sex and power. That is, a white master, having sexual relations with black female and discipline African American man without any impediments. It can be inferred that that white master or white overseer is in complete control.
In Document #2, Alex de Tocqueville, a French lawyer and statesman traveling through the United States examining the prison system describes race relations in the United States during the early part of the nine-tenth century. He notes that there are several unequal power relationship being carried out in America. Tocqueville’s observations of Native Americans, European settlers, and African slaves are noteworthy. He notes distinctions between the three races in four areas: levels of happiness, lack of birth right, physical features and appearance as well as language and habits. Tocqueville concludes that each while they suffer the same fate and not related to one other. Therefore, but they equally writhe the outcome of tyranny and if their mistaken were not similar their create were from similar writers. However their sorrows are unlike. According to torquille, African
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