Analysis Of Volkswagens Leadership Differs From Other German Car Makers

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External Analysis
A. Macro Environment
1. Cultural Trends
Volkswagens leadership differs from other German car makers in that their supervisory board which governs over the executive board also includes local politicians (maybe a key factor in their recent scandal). The other major auto makers in Germany all have supervisory boards as well but they are in place primarily to govern the executives and look out for the interests of the shareholders. This being said the two politicians are looking out for the best interest of the local workers and executives, so between them and the eight local people elected to the supervisory board it gives them an overwhelming majority in votes that may have a negative impact on the production of vehicles there.
Their work culture is a demanding pace with expectations set high for management and workers alike. Although they have a policy in place to allow workers to voice their concerns about the cars or subsystems that is generally not the case as far as the executive level goes with many directors and managers fearing for their jobs if anything subpar is brought up.(1)
2. Demographic Trends
Over the past fifteen years Volkswagen has set about to redefine their target audience in car buyers to the more environmentally conscious consumer. This came about during a time when they had acquired the Audi, Porsche, and Bentley lines of cars. Having those available as an income stream allowed VW execs to gamble with the environmental movement going

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