Analysis Of Waffle House Operations Express

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Technology is evolving more and more every day, making it nearly impossible to be employed without at least some knowledge of technology such as cell phones, computers, and the internet. As a result of the consistent increase in technology, human resource management (HRM) is evolving into a technology based function in many organizations. Several HRM services have been made available through the use of technology, changing the face of HR from a person to a portal. The practice of human resource management has drastically changed as companies provide universal access to HR services through technology and web based applications. The term E-HR refers to the use of web-based technology for human resource service delivery (Johnson, 2011).…show more content…
Waffle House’s portal (Ops Express) serves as an intranet resource to all employees, in which the page’s functionality depends on the type of employee accessing it. HRMs can access the portal as an HRMS, upper management can obtain resources and documents necessary for their jobs, and unit managers can gain access to their payroll stubs and training.
Employee Productivity
Waffle House requires its unit managers to have cell phones in order to call in their sales numbers to their district manager every day. The company also requires the managers to have internet access so that they can access metrics reports as they are uploaded to the portal; this allows managers to be aware of their performance by the day. Managers are also paid a monthly bonus based off of their performance so they are able to access what bonuses they should be expecting as well. The district, division, and area managers have access to these reports as well; however they can also access performance management documents and disciplinary forms (Waffle House Info Portal, 2010). Improvements to improve the employee productivity technology would be to have all company metrics reports to show the employees’ production benchmarked against the other unit managers across the company. This way the employees know the expectations and could reach out to the top performing managers for tips and best practices. T
Staffing Systems Technology required for staffing systems at
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