Analysis Of Waiting For Superman

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I have not paid much attention to the schools that I have attended throughout my life. They only appeared to be edifices composed of brick and mortar that consumed up to eight hours each weekday. The schools that I went to from Cunningham in Joliet in my early childhood to MCHS in Minooka for high school, both schools were made to serve a similar function but statistically, the demographics that they served were completely different. There was a higher percentage of children eligible for financial aid services such as discounted or free lunches at Cunningham, hinting at the different economic status of most of the students in attendance. I also remember that there was only one set of classes that everyone was set to take: no advanced or honors courses. I was lucky enough to move out of that district and now go to a school that offers me opportunities that prepare me for a better career. Davis Guggenheim takes a stance that criticizes the structure of the educational system as it gives students with a higher economic background better chances to get a better job or even graduate. In his documentary Waiting for Superman Guggenheim uses sadness, suspense, and captivating animations to convey the message that there is a gap between the education that students in rich areas get vs poor areas and that it can be bridged.
Waiting for Superman introduces us to 5 children, all victims of the divide created by the educational system in place. One of the parents expresses her point of
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