Analysis Of Waiting For Superman

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The lack of stability within American school systems has sparked an extensive response which has yet to produce a promising outcome. Even with vast resources at the dispense of the government, schools are struggling to prepare students for the future. Guggenheim’s documentation of this ongoing problem truly captured the plight of the lower income American in their own struggle to provide the best for their children. His purpose in the film Waiting for Superman is to inform the American populace of the problems that corrupt public education and evoke a sense of inspiration through the success of charter schools. The use of statistics, appeals to emotion, and the good nature of the author were effective in conveying the message. Such techniques ranging from sentimental music to the stories behind both leading individuals in the education field and families striving to provide better opportunity for their children collectively move the audience. In appealing to the families of America, Guggenheim uses logic, emotion, and ethics to make a persuasive masterpiece. There is no absence of statistics to support Guggenheim's argument. To point out the failure of the public education system he uses the test scores of cities and states in America. The part of this scene that notably makes the problem more serious is that the capital of the country has the worst scores out of the entire nation. The District of Columbia, the capital of the free world, can only produce 13% passing
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