Analysis Of Walt Disney World 's Magic Kingdom Park

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• Manages and interacts with thousands of people on a daily basis while providing excellent guest service in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom park • Works closely with a team to operate and maintain one of the park’s busiest attractions – a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse – demonstrating excellent teamwork, multitasking, and communication skills • Applies professional communication skills and performs routine office administration tasks as an assistant to the area’s management team • Manages and creates much of the company’s formal communication content, including email newsletters, investor correspondence, print advertising material, and public presentations • Communicates with customers consistently and effectively through several forms of media, providing excellent customer service to a high volume of clients • Coordinates communication between the company’s different teams, making a more organized and efficient workplace • Created and presented the brand’s “marketing through storytelling” strategy as a means of connecting customers to products in a personal way, which initiated a 30 percent increase in both reach and sales within a few months Edited and formatted the College’s weekly news publication according to AP Style • Facilitated communication between the editorial, management, and distribution staff, helping each week’s publication process run smoothly • Selected, managed and trained a team of six junior copy editors in AP Style and editing basics • Worked with
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