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If I say the word ‘Disney’, most people would automatically think of Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, and all of the beloved characters that we’ve grown up with and grown fond of, right? Hollywood’s best known studio, Walt Disney Animation, wasn’t always a billion-dollar organization, but still, after almost 100 years, manages to capture the hearts and captivate the eyes of the world. In this expository essay, I will explain how Disney began, how it grew, and how it still manages to affect the world, even after Walt Disney’s death. Disney, the best known studio in Hollywood, California, started small. Walt Disney, and his brother Roy, produced many short live-action and animated films called the Alice Comedies in the back of a small office from Holly-Vermont Reality in Los Angeles in 1923, with the rent only $10 a month. By month four, the staff moved to a larger building, which read ‘Disney Bros. Studio’ on the window. One year later, Walt and Roy moved into a Hyperion Avenue lot in Los Angeles (‘The Walt Disney Studios History’). After failed attempts to make the audience enjoy the Alice Comedies, Disney created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Universal Pictures distributed it, but Disney lost the contract in February of 1928 to Charles Mintz. In 1928, Disney created a mouse, whom his wife wanted to call ‘Mortimer’, but he chose the name ‘Mickey’, with his chief animator, Ub Iwerks. Disney’s first sound film, Steamboat Willie, starring Mickey, released November 18, 1928. The third of

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