Analysis Of Walt Disney 's ' Snow White, Dumbo '

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Walt Disney, animator, cartoonist, and entrepreneur, was a man of incredible vision and passion. He fundamentally transformed the entertainment industry in America. Prior to Walt Disney Studios, the art of animation was simply a "moving comic strip," void of sound or color and generally constrained to short vignettes featuring friendly characters like cats. Disney was the first to innovate a system of animation on a large-scale, capable of producing feature-length films. Snow White, Dumbo, Pinocchio- these productions revolutionized the film industry in a way never seen previously. Walt Disney continues to be a cultural phenomenon, a household name spoken to this day by children across the world. This romanticized image of Walt Disney conveniently forgets one of the darkest moments in the famous visionary 's past. The day was May 29th, 1941. Over three hundred Disney Studios employees walked out of their jobs and began to form picket lines surrounding the company buildings. The strikers held high colorful signs featuring famous Disney cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck- one poster displayed a picture of Pluto the Dog, reading "I 'd rather be a dog than a scab!" The workers marched on strike against Walt Disney Studios. The outrage of Disney 's employees clearly demonstrated their unhappiness with the way the company 's workers were being treated. The day before the strike commenced, on May 28th, 1941, Disney told his workers: "This studio will never make

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