Analysis Of Walt Disney 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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This is the world most known animator.
This is the man who set the building blocks for animation.
This is the man who created the happiest place on earth.
This.Is. Walt. Disney

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Walt Disney’s Steamboat Willie, the first of many other Mickey Mouse cartoons, was a great hit all over the world.
But it took a difficult and long journey to be where his legacy is today.
Lets look back to where it all began….
Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois.
His parents were Elias and Flora Disney.
He was born into the family with three siblings: Herbert, Raymond, and Roy.
By the age of four Walter moved to Missouri to farm. His family was too busy to take Walter to school and he didn 't
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He dropped out of high school a year later when his brothers, Roy and Herbert worked in the army during (WW1). Walt loved all the action so he decided to go to France and help out in the war by driving an ambulance. He returned from the war when he was 18 and moved back to kansas.
While working at an art studio, Disney met Ub Iwerks. Together they found multiple jobs at Kansas City Slide Company, where Walt found education in animation.
Walt made an animation office in his backyard shed where he made cartoons such as “Laugh O Grams.” He started making money by selling the animations to the Kansas theater.
Walt also started some more animations including “Alice in Wonderland,”which he took to Hollywood in hopes of success.
Margaret Winkler, a film producer, bought the cartoons and started its production.
Walt started his team, including Uhb, and created the character Oswald The Lucky Rabbit.
Walt and Roy Disney and their employees started the “Walt Disney Studios,” which is still recognized today. It was here where Walt met Lillian Bounds, the secretary and ink and paint artist. Charles Mintz, another film producer, bought the Oswald cartoons and hired away all Walt’s cartoonists and stole the character.

Walt and Lillian fell in love with each other and on July 13, 1925, Walt and Lillian got married
. Walt decided he needed to create a character to replace Oswald. Something even better. This is when Mickey Mouse came to life.
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