Analysis Of Walt Disney 's ' The Happiest Place On Earth '

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Allie Burden
Mrs. Abbe
English 6
1 May 2015
The Man, The Myth, The Legend
A man by the name of Walt Disney, is the ideal symbol of an American hero. Disney is known to bring inspiration and imagination into many of his productions. Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, was built by Disney in the late forties. As the founder of Walt Disney Company, and a producer, he has collected a record of fifty- nine nominations as an Academy Award winner, winning thirty-two awards, and still holding the record. At sixty-five, Disney died of lung cancer, leaving behind the Florida theme park to not be completed by him, more known as Disney World. Every hero faces three challenging stages in his or her life, and for Walt disney, he will be introduced in his ordinary world, achieve a goal, and follow a path that is not always direct or clear.
Every hero is introduced in an ordinary world, which is to become a dazzling ending. Disney was born in Chicago, on December fifth, 1901. As a boy, he has always showed much devotion to art and what was involve in achieve a master piece. Then went on to be a student at the Chicago Art Institute, expecting to make a life through his drawings. He had many opportunities to show off his abilities as being a cartoonist, just as he took on the challenge of being the newspaper cartoonist at Chicago Art Institute. Once he was done with school Disney joined World War 1, then once discharged he moved to Kansas trying to find a job in film productions and

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