Analysis Of Walt Disney 's Transformational Leadership

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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to act as a consulting analysis on how Walt Disney utilized his transformational leadership and brought to the world one of the most famous entertainment companies in the 20th century. Transformational leaders provide extraordinary motivation by appealing to people’s ideals and values and inspiring them to think about issues in new ways. It begins with a vision and the leader embeds that vision into others through encouragement, enthusiasm and motivation (Winchester, 2013). Walter Disney’s portrayed a transformational style of leadership through his work and even after his death, his leadership style continues to be effective as others adopt his ways.
Walt Disney was one of the few individuals to
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I will triangulate my data collection methods by using a variety of different websites, journals and articles to collect the information instead of just relying on one type of source. This will help to provide multiple theories and reduce the limitations of relying on one particular data source for my conclusions. The method used to locate sources of information was the Guelph-Humber Online Library. I selected the business tab for research and used many of the web sources included such as Primo, CBCA Complete and Business Source Complete. I will go about proving my hypothesis by close reading the different articles and books and become immersed in the text and reflect on key themes and transformational leadership qualities. I will go about this by providing real life examples of Walter Disney’s life by analyzing information received and quotes that prove my interpretations. In order to evaluate the information found, I will make sure they are credited sources and are peer-reviewed articles.

Communicating his Vision
It is the leaders role of establishing and supporting the values and vision by which their organizations thrive. Walt made sure that his dreams were consistent with everything he stood for such as his core values, beliefs and integrity. Walt Disney was a passionate entrepreneur who understood that his ability to be successful would depend on getting work done from others (Barrier, 2007). Walt encouraged his employees to spend

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