Analysis Of Walt Whitman And Dylan Thomas On The Subject Of Death

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INTRODUCTION This research paper will discuss and compare specific poems written by Walt Whitman and Dylan Thomas on the subject of death. Whitman and Thomas have each written several important poems on the subject of death. Each poet describes “death” in diverse and different ways, although both convey the emotions and views of the loved ones left behind after a death. Both poets do so in a very individual and personal way such as their written style permits. Walt Whitman He was born on May 31, 1819 in West Hills, New York. His family, the Whitmans were among the earliest English immigrants, settlers. His mother’s family was descended from early Dutch settlers. For many generations his family had been farmers. Walt’s father to make extra money did carpentry now and then. (1) As Walt grew up, he held many different jobs. He started teaching in a one-room schoolhouse. Then started his own newspaper, from there he found work as a typesetter for the Long Island Democrat. A quote, which sums up Whitman’s character, is “What really counts is that Whitman was not afraid to teach – which means to learn at the hands of life and undertake the responsibility of passing on the lesson.” (1.2) In his writing, he tried nearly everything, not sticking to one theme or style. It seems that Walt could not find his “niche”. “Milton Meltzer, after a close study of his work, described the variety of poems and tales as pieces about death or haunted

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